We Matter Learning has products to satisfy a wide range of educational areas. Whether you're looking for Preschool, K-12, or products to utilize with athletes of any sport, We Matter Learning has what you need. Click below to see more about our customizable services:

Academic embedded social & emotional learning lessons for Preschool, Elementary and Secondary Students.

Partnering with coaches to support Collegiate, Secondary, & Club Athletes with their social & emotional health.

Children's Book: Ups and Downs: A Book About Feelings

Coming Soon...

  • Mental Wellness Event & Toolkits

  • Supplemental K-12 Academic Embedded SEL Curriculum

  • Intervention Resources

We Matter Learning is informative only. The work provided does not constitute nor should be construed as medical or mental health advice. If you, or someone you know, is having a medical (mental health) emergency contact 911 or visit your local hospital immediately.